Atrangi Re movie Review

Atrangi re movie is released today mean 24 december 2021 you can see the reviews in next slide.

Atrangi re movie is based on love triangle which looks very intresting because of twist in the middle of the fi;m

Runaway girl. Sincere, confused boy. And a charismatic man with several magic tricks up his giant sleeve. 

This trio is going to be one of the best trio because of the movie story and also because of the cast.

Dhanus is famous south film industry super star we know him from kolaveri di song and so before and most of the bollywood fans loves him 

Saare looking gorgeous in the movie. Saara fans shows much ove at the time of trailer release. She gives her more than expactation let's see how you react on movie

Akshay kumar looked as a Young guy with some dasing personality and also with their own signature steps which we love the most.

People are also liking all the songs of the movie very much, in this the music has also been made worth listening to.

As mentioned in the trailer, you will see many twists in the movie till the end. and you will gone love those movements.

Movie keeps you hooked with emotional scenes in a short span of time Story line is awesome and you will gone love it.