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We know very well what the value of devotion is. This is the best way to keep God and man in you. That is why we have brought an idol of Lord Krishna today to maintain your faith in God more. Keep it in the temple of your home and make your attention towards God.

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 Krishna Idol

Why should we keep Krishna idol at home?

The idol of God should be kept in the house because it creates a positive atmosphere in the house. This makes it easier for the elder members of the household to meditate and to worship. For God, the place in the house is only for the benefit of itself, so if you are thinking of taking the idol then definitely take

What kind of idol should you buy?

The idol of God is available in many materials such as wood, marble, metal, etc. You can buy any kind of idol according to your convenience. The special thing is that what the idol is made of, it is not necessary that you are more comfortable in it.

In simple words, if God is of any shape or is made of any metal, it does not matter, just faith must be right in the mind. You can get any metal idol according to your budget. If you have a good budget, then with the advice of your family scholar, you can get any idol which will be beneficial for you.

Let’s not waste much time, you know which type of statue you should take. Let us tell you that you can take any Krishna statue from it. You will not be given any lack of information about who we are when we make mistakes in God’s work.

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AONA Large Radha Krishna Idol – Statue Showpiece Murti for Home

AONA Large Radha Krishna Idol - Statue Showpiece Murti for Home

Many people love to keep Radha Krishna’s idol with them better than keeping Krishna idol alone. The faith of the people remains in its place, it cannot be swung so you can take this idol. This statue comes in the Polyresin Material. It weighs 3 kg. To enhance its beauty, it has been colored with hands. It is designed with a lot in mind.

This idol of Lord Krishna and Mother Radha will make your home a temple. It will enhance the beauty of the temple in your home and it is always auspicious to install an idol of God anyway. So if you are thinking of taking it, then don’t hesitate and buy it now.

Artvarko Brass Lord Krishna Idol Bhagwan Large Statue

Artvarko Brass Lord Krishna Idol Bhagwan Large Statue

Lord Krishna is known by many names such as makhanchor, Gwala, Murali Manohar etc. They have many stories that make them even more attractive. As far as I know, Krishna God has influenced people with his great miracles since childhood.

This is the God who loves children from old to old. It is a privilege to bring the idol of Lord Krishna in the house. The statue of Krishna must be installed in our home temple. You get this sculpture made of brass metal which looks very attractive. There is also a very lovely figure of workmanship in it.

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Marble Beautifully Handicraft God Krishna Idols Statue Murti for Home

You find this idol of Shri Krishna made of marble. Marble is known for its very beautiful sculptures from Hemsa itself. This marble statue made of marble looks very beautiful. It only has color on the jewelry and flower garland, which makes it a bit different.

If you pay more attention to the classic looks then you can take it as it is made according to your wishes. In this, you will definitely see the nuances of workmanship. And together with this, you get a marble finish. This idol comes in a weight of 2 kg, which is not very heavy, so there will be no problem in keeping it. If you want to make your house more beautiful then bring this idol home today.

 Lord Murli Manohar Krishna Krishan Brass Statue

You are getting this statue of Krishna God made of brass at a very low price. This idol has been worked very closely. If you look closely, you will find that it has worked very closely. Brass has been used in this which prevents it from rusting for a long time. And there is no upper layer too quickly so that it reduces its look.

Let’s see the general information about this, you get it in the weight of 6.7. And at the time of product delivery, it weighs 5.4 kg. You already get assembled it, there is no need to assemble it. If you like this idol, then you can buy it now, the link to buy it is given below.

Baby Krishna Brass Idol Butter Thief Krishna Statue

Baby Krishna Brass Idol Butter Thief Krishna Statue

We have heard the stories of Lord Krishna both of his childhood and growing up, but whether he is good or not, he seems to be in his childhood, because his charming childhood is reflected in him. It can fascinate anyone’s mind. In this statue too, some glimpses of his naughty nature are seen.

Let’s talk about the general information about the idol. You find this idol made of brass metal. Its total weight is 2 kg 400 grams. ७ Height of the floor. That is, if you want, you can also keep it for worship in the temple and if you want, you can also keep it in the house according to the decoration, but remember it can be kept in a high place so that no one can accidentally hit the feet.


In the last, it is to be said that all the idols you see above have been told for the purpose of giving you information. If you see any mistake in this Best Krishna Idol for Home In India 2021 article, then let us know in the comment box below or you can also give us your suggestions. If you want to take it according to us, then you can take Artvarko Brass Lord Krishna Idol Bhagwan Large Statue, it looks very beautiful and its quality is also very good.


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